Careers at MyCFO Link

Do you like working with numbers?  Do you enjoy helping companies improve their bottom line and help individuals gain peace of mind with their personal taxes?  Are you seeking a positioin with a honest accounting firm who values integrity as a highest principle?

My CFOLink is seeking individuals with like qualities to join our team.  

We are seeking candidates with the followoing skills depending on the job opening(s) currently available.  
  • Familiar with Standard Accounting practices
  • Has experience with Quickbooks
  • Is organized and handles multiple projects with clarity
  • Handles deadlines and heavy times of stress with poise
  • Goal oriented
  • Has the ability to make sound accounting based decicsions when needed
  • Strong communication skills
  • Applicable Mathematical skills
  • Detail oriented personality
  • Patient and deliberate
  • Responsible. Can you handle mission critical assignments and financial reports?
Please take a look at the career postings below and contact us with interest and or questions about our open opportunities!


Brett’s CFO services allow me to do what I do best, connect with people and expand my business. He’s a great advisor and helped me set up systems that take care of critical functions like filing payroll taxes on time and providing monthly financial statements and cash flow projections to investors. Brett knows his stuff.

Bryan, Democracy Live